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Mason & Hamlin 6' 4" AA Grand


We know there are times when you may only need a piano for a short time.
At Jim's Piano Movers, we also provide piano rentals in the Atlanta area
as part of our services. We rent grand and console pianos for a variety of events from weddings to concert performances. We'll deliver your rental piano, set it up and then at the agreed upon time, pick it up. Your Jim's Piano Rental will be a smooth hassle free process.

If you're looking for a grand piano rental, you will be delighted with the world renowned sound of our 1924 Mason & Hamlin AA. Over the years, the Mason & Hamlin name has become synonymous with quality. With it's thunderous base, mellow midrange and exquisite highs, this outstanding 6'4" black grand piano will exceed all your expectations.
Yes it's true, you may be brought to tears when the time comes for us to pick up your piano rental. But dry those tears because we also sell and restore classic grand pianos.
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Mason & Hamlin 6' 4" AA Grand

History Of The Mason & Hamlin


In 1854, two brilliant idealists, Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin, founded the Mason & Hamlin company in Boston, Massachusetts, the birthplace of American piano design and manufacturing. Henry Mason was a pianist and Emmons Hamlin was a brilliant mechanic and inventor.

Although the company was started with very little capital, the two owners were determined to make only the very best instruments, even if there were very few produced. Fortunately, the combination of limited production and great attention to detail paid off, and the company and its products were instantly successful and in great demand. Mason & Hamlin soon became and remained the foremost in the field.

Mason & Hamlin built it's pianos with the very finest in materials... slowly and meticulously with great attention to even the smallest detail. With Mason & Hamlin's innovations, use of only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, its pianos were the world's costliest to produce and widely accepted as the world's finest.

By the turn of the century, the Golden Age of the Piano was in full force and the most illustrious concert artists of the day aligned themselves with piano manufacturers. Mason & Hamlin was at the forefront, and great virtuosos, including Sergei Rachmaninoff, endorsed Mason & Hamlin.

One of the world's most famous violinists was the American Yehudi Menuhin. In 1924, at the age of 7, Menuhin made his public debut. The child prodigy astounded the classical world with his artistry, and in 1935 he undertook his world tour playing in 73 cities in 13 countries. The Mason and Hamlin archives include many letters from Menuhin extolling the virtues of his Mason & Hamlin pianos: "Among all pianos none compares with the Mason & Hamlin in beauty and grace of tone, or in mellowness and softness and yet in bigness, or in anything that a sensitive and, as it were, human piano should have." At one time. Menuhin had five Mason & Hamlin grand pianos in his West Coast home. 

This beautiful Mason & Hamlin 6' 4" AA grand is available for your rental.

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