Come along with us on a typical piano move by Jim's Piano Movers.

Guided Tour

Getting Wrapped

Steinway Grand Piano

A beautiful 6' Steinway is getting wrapped and ready to leave it's old home in downtown Atlanta.

Wrapping Complete


Legs are removed ready to be moved.

On The Move


Carefully heading out the door down two steps to the walkway.

On The Move


Down more steps and heading out into the street.

Heading Into The Trailer


The Steinway is on it's way into our enclosed trailer.

Ready To Roll


This Steinway is now fully secured in our enclosed trailer and ready for transport to its new home.

Now Unloaded


The Steinway is unloaded and heading for its new home first over a curb.

Keep It Moving

Moving a Steinway Grand Piano in Atanta

Moving on and heading over rough terrain.

Patio Bound


The Steinway moves onto the patio. We're almost there.

Into The New Home


The Steinway heads through sliding glass doors into the house.



The Steinway has arrived in its new home and is ready for unwrapping.


Assembly of a Steinway Grand Piano in Sandy Springs

With the blankets removed, reassembly now begins

Reassembly Almost Complete


Legs and foot pedals being installed.

Reassembly Is Now Complete


Reassembly and Setup is now complete.

Ready To Be Enjoyed

Steinway Grand Piano in Sandy Springs

This beautiful Steinway is now setup in its new home in Sandy Springs and ready to be enjoyed.

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